Code of Conduct

FACT is a nonprofit agency operating within San Diego County. FACT is not part of a governmental transportation service, such as NCTD or MTS. Our mission is to assist seniors and others who are unable to find suitable transportation.

We began providing transportation in 2010. We have provided over 150,000 trips for medical, social or other purposes.

This document briefly explains our service. We ask that you read this document if you would like to request transportation.

RideFACT transportation is subsidized by grant funding – the fare paid by riders is a very small share of the total cost. Therefore RideFACT transportation is only offered to those individuals who have no other suitable means of transportation.

FACT cannot guarantee that a trip will be available when I request it.  Occasionally trips that have been confirmed may arrive late or be canceled due to reasons beyond FACT’s control.

RideFACT is a shared ride service.

We ask all our riders to read the above statements and comply with FACT’s Code of Conduct to be able to use our services.

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