FACT established a San Diego countywide transportation brokerage in 2012.  Our brokerage members have a passion for assisting seniors, persons with disabilities, veterans and others with mobility challenges.  We pride ourselves on providing safe, reliable transportation and excellent customer service.  The brokerage started with trips for the RideFACT program, serving seniors 60+ and persons with disabilities throughout all 18 cities and many nonurban areas of San Diego County.

In 2013, we added our first service for Contracted Agency Transportation by serving the City of Oceanside’s Solutions for “Seniors on the Go” program.  Since then we have added Agency services for a variety of populations needing mobility assistance all over the county.  Our brokerage members consist of private companies and nonprofits who offer transportation services.  Members offer competitive rates as the brokerage operates on a lowest cost basis.


FACT’s brokerage membership includes offers for participation in various trainings, CAM participation, annual maintenance oversight and vehicle sharing.


If you are interested in joining FACT’s brokerage, please fill out the form below and a FACT staff member will contact you.

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