Need Help Planning Your Trip?

Step One

The first step in finding a ride is to specify your “Origin” and your “Destination” location in the “Find a Ride” trip planner, located on each page of this website.

  • In the first box enter your “Origin” ZIP, city, address, hospital, or facility location.
  • Similarly, enter your “Destination” ZIP, city, address, hospital, or facility location in the second box.
  • Click on the “Search Map” button to find your options.
  • Your seach of transportation options will apprear below the “Find A Ride” Tool.

Hint: If you would like to skip this step and search through a list of service providers, click on “Browse all Service Providers” to get to the results.

If you’re having trouble identifying a specific location, you have the option of selecting from a list of popular locations around the county. Once on the search results page (Click “Browse all Service Providers” link in the “Find a Ride” trip planner tool), there is a link to “select a location” in the  “Your pick up location” and “Going to” form fields. See “hints” at the bottom of step two below to go from here.

Step Two

After completing step one, the next step is to interact with the search results page to find a specific service.

  • On this page, you will find a list of results that match your search criteria. Each service provider in the list will display a snippet of information as well as contact info. To learn more about a service provider, click on the name.
  • The filter options in the left hand column will help narrow down the number of results based on specific criteria you may be interested in (special services such as wheelchair lift, prices and fees, eligibility requirements).
  • To see a map of the route and get directions, you may click on the links underneath the map, found at the top of the left hand column. Driving directions and bus route directions are available on the Google maps page that you will be linked to.


Hint:  If you are having trouble getting results that cater to you or come up with no results, you may search again by typing in your inquiry in the boxes at the top of the page.

  • If you would like to choose from a list of popular locations in San Diego County, you may click on “select a location” underneath the boxes. Choose one of the options, then use the pull-down menu to select the specific location you desire. Finally, click the “GO” button to proceed.

Advanced Search

To learn more about each provider that fits your search criteria, you may click on the provider in your search results to browse their information. You can find such information as their hours, agency name, contact information, services, fees and prices, eligibility requirements and more.

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