Our Stories

Asunción- FACT Rider

“Thank you for the great service, and for having people I can communicate with anytime I call.  I feel more comfortable calling and talking to someone in Spanish than waiting for my daughter or son to make time to call.”

Bee- FACT Rider

“Because of FACT, I have been able to visit my husband at the nursing home. He gets very anxious if I am not there at a certain time and I can always trust RideFACT to get me there! Thank you so much for your service!”

Carol- FACT Rider

“I love you guys, you guys are awesome. I don’t miss my car at all!”

City of Oceanside

“Your organization is making a huge contribution to the Oceanside senior population through making connectivity/socialization available.”

Frank- FACT Rider

Frank – “I have ALS, I’m in a wheelchair and I can’t walk.  I just want to say how grateful I am and thank you so much for the rides.  They have made me independent and able to go to my doctor and most importantly physical therapy, which keeps my muscles working.  I don’t know… View Article

Gloria- FACT Rider

Gloria wanted to thank us for providing her with transportation in order to volunteer with veterans at the VA. “If it wasn’t for your help I would not be able to get out of the house”  ~ City of Oceanside, Contracted Service Rider (1st pic attached)

LaVonne- FACT Rider

LaVonne is a 90-year-old year senior who recently gave up her license to drive. She called our office and after a few minutes of explaining the program to her, she was so excited and happy that she had found a program where she could call not be on hold or go through an automated service… View Article

Lillie- FACT Rider

“An absolutely great service for seniors in the San Diego County area. Thank you very much for your service!”

Mary- FACT Rider

Ms. Mary – Has been using RideFACT service since 2012, she was ecstatic to be able to have reliable transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping.  Before RideFACT she would rely on her family members for transportation.  She loves her independence and having the option of utilizing this service instead of asking her family members… View Article

Veerabhadra- FACT Rider

“We are very grateful for your service, you do not know how much you help my parents.”

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