What is a CTSA?

Consolidated Transportation Service Agency

FACT was founded in 2005 and designated as the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for San Diego County by SANDAG in 2006. FACT’s role as CTSA, is to facilitate coordination of transportation services in San Diego County to reduce gaps in transportation.

CTSAs were created under a California state law approved in 1979, when the state legislature passed Assembly Bill 120 named Social Services Transportation Improvement Act.

The purpose of the state law was to improve the quality of transportation services to low mobility groups while achieving cost savings, lowered insurance premiums and more efficient use of vehicles and funding resources. The legislation took the middle course between absolutely mandating and simply facilitating the coordination of transportation services. Designation of CTSAs and implementation of other aspects of the Act were seen as a flexible mechanism to deal with the problem of inefficient or duplicative transportation services.

SANDAG selected FACT as the CTSA after a competitive selection process. Some of the TDA 4.5 funds in San Diego are apportioned to the CTSA under the contract.

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