Why is RideFACT service not guaranteed?

RideFACT is intended for individuals who have no other means of transportation. If an existing transportation service can accommodate your travel then we help you with using that service. If other services are not appropriate for you, you may qualify for RideFACT.

Will RideFACT transportation be provided outside of San Diego County?
RideFACT services individuals in all San Diego cities, including rural and non-urban communities.
Can others travel with me on RideFACT? If so, do they have to pay a fare?
Yes, one or more companions may ride with you based on space availability. Your first companion travels free. The total number of riders must be provided when you call to make a reservation. If you have a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) that assists you with your travel, they may travel with you free of charge.
Can I schedule RideFACT trips with the driver or agency associated with the driver?
We request that you contact a FACT representative at our toll-free number (888) 924-3228 to make a reservation.
How much is my fare? How do I pay my fare?

Fare pricing is based on distance travelled. The FACT mobility coordinator scheduling your trip will inform you about the fare. Please pay the fare to the driver for each one-way trip. Drivers accept exact cash only for all trips. Drivers cannot make change.

Can I request a specific driver or vehicle?
FACT operates utilizing a brokerage model, which assigns the transportation vendor based on the lowest trip cost. We are not able to accommodate requests for specific drivers or vehicles. We do accommodate requests for a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
How do I know if my ride is booked?
You may call the day before your scheduled ride service between 3:30 PM-9 PM, Monday through Friday, to check the status of your request. If a ride service is not available for you, a FACT representative will be in contact with you.
Can I call my driver when I am ready to be picked up?
Please call FACT if your driver has not arrived five minutes after your scheduled pick-up time to receive a status update on your ride.
Can the driver help me with getting in and out of my home or location facility?
RideFACT is a curb-to-curb transportation service and does not come inside your residence or facility. Drivers may meet you at your door if the request is made at the time of reservation.
How do I cancel or reschedule my ride service for another day?
Please call FACT to cancel your reservation; if a change needs to be made, cancellation may apply.
Why is same-day service not available?
FACT driver availability is based on the vendor’s accessibility. You may request service up to 7 days in advance as drivers are not ready upon request.
How do I check the status of my ride?
FACT representatives are available Monday through Friday from 6 AM-9 PM, and Saturday through Sunday 7 AM-9 PM. You may leave a message if calling after business hours.