Affordable curb-to-curb transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities, serving all San Diego County.

To schedule a ride, please call:

(888) 924-3228

RideFACT is a service for seniors (60+) and persons with disabilities who have no adequate transportation options available.
If another transportation service is more suited for your trip, we may direct you to that service.

RideFACT provides affordable general-purpose transportation. We do not ask for the purpose of your ride; we treat every ride request as a priority and do our best to confirm if a service is available for reservation. FACT does not guarantee that reservation requests will be confirmed.

Rides may be requested 2 to 7 days ahead of the travel date.

RideFACT serves all 18 Cities in San Diego County.

We partner with several transportation vendors to find you the most affordable and convenient ride.

Please call us at (888) 924-3228 to request a reservation during 8:00am to 4:00PM, Monday through Friday.

RideFACT Transportation for

Seniors & Persons with Disabilities


RideFACT fares
range from
$5.00 - $20.00


RideFACT serves
all 18 cities in
San Diego County


RideFACT operates
Mon - Sun
7AM - 8PM


RideFACT services
may be be requested up to
7 days in advance