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Mobility Management in San Diego

Mobility management is a term used to describe the “innovative approach for managing and delivering coordinated transportation services to customers.” Many US cities have implemented mobility management programs to support seniors, persons with disabilities, and people with lower incomes find rides around town. 

In San Diego, FACT is designated as the mobility manager that helps to coordinate service across various providers, from private drivers, to paratransit. FACT offers information, transportation referrals, and transportation services. Information is available through their website where individuals can easily search for a ride that meets their needs. 

Importance of Mobility Management

Reliable transportation is essential for people with special needs or disabilities to have quality of life, be active and social and have access to services including Medial care. Something as simple as getting a ride to a doctor’s appointment can be crucial for getting medications and treatment. In fact, it’s estimated that millions of Americans miss or delay their medical care because they don’t have access to transportation. It is a huge cost to society and taxpayers in terms of healthcare and social services expenses.

With mobility management services provided by FACT, many folks can access transportation more easily. FACT’s business model is to refer people to the most suitable, appropriate transportation options in San Diego County. When such options are not available, FACT provides rides through it’s RideFACT transportation service. FACT is also assisting several organizations that include City and County departments, Hospitals and Social services agencies meet their transportation needs. We do that by offering transportation to County residents or by offering service agreements to the organizations who may purchase transportation for clients through FACT. The revenue generated through these services is used for the mobility services FACT provides.

Mobility Manager

In San Diego this would be organizations like FACT who help organize transportation for people who need it. FACT is responsible for working together and with the community to reduce waste and duplication of services and enhance mobility for everyone. 

Ultimately, FACT helps to make San Diego transportation services run efficiently and support more sustainable growth as more people come into the region. 

One way to think of mobility managers is as a one-stop shop for specific transportation needs. They provide a convenient place to get information on rides or other mobility-related services so that the public doesn’t have to spend extra time piecing together services from multiple providers. Mobility managers coordinate together, rather than compete, to provide what’s best for the community. 

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Affordable Senior Transportation in San Diego

Caregivers and seniors often feel helpless when transportation services are limited, especially when it comes to keeping medical appointments. But seniors don’t have to have to feel stuck. Affordable senior transportation is available in many areas around the country, including San Diego County, through agencies like FACT.

We act as a one-stop-shop that seniors and their caregivers can use to access timely, safe, efficient transportation throughout San Diego County, including all 18 cities. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Senior Transportation Predicament

As more and more Americans are aging, they have a greater need for specialized transportation services. Demographic projections show dramatic increases in older adults needing social services and care. With this rise, there is concern over where so many aging adults will get their needs met, including transportation, which is also key to meeting all their other needs. 

Mobility Management

If you haven’t heard of mobility management services, you’re not alone. These services help communities by offering options for getting around town. Rather than provide one type of transportation service, mobility management compiles information about a wide variety of service options so that people can make empowered decisions about their transportation. 

This is especially important for seniors, as many do not know the options available. Often, if seniors don’t drive, they can feel isolated. Even if they have someone to take them places, if they have a spontaneous or more urgent need, that person may not always be available to help. 

Mobility management services are often provided by nonprofit groups that work to support their communities by educating the public, establishing partnerships with various transportation providers, and promoting easy access to transportation options. 

Affordable Senior Transportation Options

There are a number of options that mobility management services offer for seniors. Here are some of the most well-known:

Private Driving Services

Many people are turning to driving services that provide more individualized experiences, allowing seniors to run errands on their own time, rather than being subject to bus timetables. This can also be helpful for seniors that have special needs that are more difficult to accommodate public transportation. 

An example would be the services offered at, that allow you to choose from a variety of private drivers in your area, including name, experience, rates, and reviews. 

While these services are more personalized and cost-effective for occasional outings, there may be options more suitable for regular activities. 

Bus and Paratransit Services

We’re all familiar with local bus and rail that provide affordable transportation, which can still be a great option for older adults who can navigate the public transportation system.

For those that may need more specialized assistance, there is ADA paratransit: reasonably priced, curb-to-curb transportation service that allows people to travel to the same areas that other public transportation goes. 

Contracted Transportation Services

For seniors that are a part of a senior living community or specialized senior support groups, there may be transportation services already a part of an agency’s offerings. This is worth looking into, as they often offer lower rates than private transportation services and can suit a wider variety of unique senior transportation needs. 

With so many options, it may be hard to know the best route to take, literally and figuratively. FACT is here to help. Contact us with questions about booking a ride or finding the right affordable senior transportation for you or your loved one. 


RideFACT is operated by FACT for individuals who are not able to use the transportation options listed above. When it is not possible to connect a senior to any other mobility option in the County, FACT will offer transportation via its own service named RideFACT.  

This is a curb-to-curb, affordable, and convenient transportation service that covers all San Diego County. It is available between 7 am and 8 pm on weekdays. The fare begins at $2.50 for shorter rides and companions can ride for free. 

FACT is a nonprofit based in Oceanside and designated by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) as the Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (CTSA) for San Diego County. We strive to ensure that reliable transportation is accessible to all San Diego County residents. Contact us to learn more about finding your next ride!

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