FACT 2013-2018 Business Plan Update

Jan 27, 2012Featured Articles

FACT Business Plan 2013-2018

The Business Plan is a comprehensive review of FACT’s purpose, the business environment, the community and stakeholders, projects and funding. The Plan describes FACT services and future proposals and identifies funding for projects where possible.

The 2013-18 Business Plan Update was adopted in January 2012. The plan addresses the current status of all the service and collaborative proposals. It prioritizes projects by readiness with respect to funding as well as other practical considerations, including readiness of partnering agencies to engage in the projects. Projects are classified as “short term” or “long term” priorities or “potential new programs currently unfunded”. This Plan Update also reviews all FACT revenues and funding sources as well as makes recommendations for changes to the way FACT is funded in order to provide more certainty in the future and the ability to plan for longer terms.

Other updates include FACT Mission, staff, Board members, projects/proposals, some services and funding. All current and proposed services were reviewed to fit the new FACT Mission adopted by the Board of Directors on May 18th, 2011.

Public Transit Connectivity Award Winner: RideFACTNow

CIRCULATE SAN DIEGO ANNOUNCES 2023 MOMENTUM AWARD WINNERS San Diego, September 22, 2023- Circulate San Diego, a local nonprofit organization, recognized outstanding individuals and public agencies at its annual Momentum Awards event held last night. The event, which...

Mobility Management in San Diego

Mobility management is a term used to describe the “innovative approach for managing and delivering coordinated transportation services to customers.” Many US cities have implemented mobility management programs to support seniors, persons with disabilities, and...

United We Ride: Helping to Provide Rides for Seniors

Finding rides for seniors is crucial to getting them access to proper health care, employment, social activities, and education. For many older adults, mobility and lack of available transportation contribute to isolation or a feeling of helplessness. United We Ride...

Getting Around: Rides for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities often struggle to find secure, safe, affordable transportation. Getting basic needs and going to-and-from medical appointments become a challenge due to lack of mobility. So, what are the options for rides for people with disabilities? And...

Affordable Senior Transportation in San Diego

Caregivers and seniors often feel helpless when transportation services are limited, especially when it comes to keeping medical appointments. But seniors don’t have to have to feel stuck. Affordable senior transportation is available in many areas around the country,...

Seniors are driving safer, driving longer

Americans love to drive. More than 75 percent of adults carry a driver’s license, including 40 million who are 65 and older. But driving is more than just a passion or a pastime: It’s a lifeline. Studies show that giving up driving increases a person’s mortality risk...

Ride service aims to fill local transportation gaps

SOLANA BEACH — Solana Beach resident James Walker, 19, knows his public transit — since graduating high school, he has used a hodgepodge of Amtrak, Coaster, and North County Transit District bus services to get to work, college and physical therapy. But when NCTD cut...

FACT Newsletter Summer 2020


Bee- FACT Rider

"Because of FACT, I have been able to visit my husband at the nursing home. He gets very anxious if I am not there at a certain time and I can always trust RideFACT to get me there! Thank you so much for your service!"